Sunday 25 June 2006

1Y5M 卒ボトルできない Difficult to stop taking milk from bottles?


1才で卒乳して以来、ベッドタイムのミルク(フォーミュラ 1/3 + ホールミルクの牛乳2/3)はボトルで飲んでいる。ナーサリーの大きいクラスではもうフォーミュラはもらえない。でも、就寝前はそれでいけるか疑問に思っていたところ、パリでフォーミュラが足らなくなった時に牛乳だけで寝付いてくれて一安心。



Tommee Tippe のカップ





At nursery's little learner's class, they only give children whole milk. At bed time, Arata takes mixture of 1/3 formula and 2/3 whole milk. I was not sure if he took milk only before going to bed but when we ran out of formula in Paris, he took just milk, to our relief.

I'm trying to switch from bottles to sipper cups when feeding him at bed time. But it's not easy.... The best idea coming up so far has been to attach a softer spout (3 months +) to a bigger cup (6 months +). We bought

Avent sipper cup for 6 months + (200ML)

and replaced the spout with a 3 months +.

Arata happily took milk from the cup on the first day. But that's it. He was on strike for a couple of days after and now he is only using a bottle again... Well, probably it's not a big deal as long as he takes milk? I may try again in a couple of weeks time.

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