Tuesday 26 September 2006

1Y8M 40W0D ケーキ Baking cakes







As expected, I'm still pregnant on the due date. This is a photo of my bump today. It was

like this a day before the due date when I was pregnant with Arata.

Arata was a week late.

Naomi has moved out to Katariina's flat today. When Arata came back from nursery, he was looking for Naomi. They've got on very well. Naomi played with Arata a lot and Arata doesn't cry when she is helping him brushing his teeth. It's incredible as with Jason or me, he always cries.... Naomi is good at baking cakes. She showed me how to cook scones, cup cakes and sponge cakes. I wonder if I will keep trying to bake cakes because my craving for sweet seems to be only during pregnancy... (This photo is my first 'Strawberry short cake'!)

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