Wednesday 27 September 2006

1Y9M 40W1D 運転 Driving a car





The baby is still in my tummy. Arata and I went to Tumble Tots, play group at church and Japanese mums and children's gathering. It was quite busy today. My bump is getting bigger. I jokingly put a glass of water saying, 'My bump is very convenient.' It was really good and I asked Yuko to take a photo.

It's been a month since I started to drive often and I thought I've got used to it. Then, I did it... I scratched a side of another car when I tried to get out of the car park at church. The car was parked in the very narrow corner and other cars had to drive on the footpath to get round. But anyway, it's my liability as long as it was not moving. (I've double-checked about this with our insurance company.) Well, the driver of the other car said, 'It happens.' It was only the relief. If it had happened in Japan, I would have definitely been told off and would have to buy some present and visit the other party to make an apology, even though it just happened like this... Anyway, I must have been lack of concentration at the very last stage of pregnancy...


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おおーっ もう秒読みだね。



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