Wednesday 6 September 2006

1Y8M タンブルトッツ Tumble tots



Tumble Tots (タンブルトッツ)



Wokingでは、Goldsworth ParkのLakers Youth Centreで水曜日の9時半から45分間。インストラクターの人が数人いて、子供に手を貸してくれたりする。保険を含めた1年間の入会金が20ポンド(約4000円)で、7回コースで34.30ポンド(約7000円)。続けるかどうか検討中。



We went to
'Tumble Tots'

trial. It's "designed to develop children's physical skills of agility, balance, co-ordination and climbing, through the use of brightly coloured Tumble Tots equipment" and for me it was like a gymnastic class for toddlers and parents (some are with their grand mums!) are participating with them.

When it came to balance beam sort of activities, I had to hold Arata's hands but others looked quite easy for him. I felt it was not challenging enough for him, although Arata looked totally enjoying it. In the middle of the session, there was a 'song time', everybody sit in a circle and sing along, like the ones at play groups. And it was something Arata wasn't interested in at all. He was the only one who kept moving around the gym. I tried in vain to pull him to the singing circle.

We haven't decided if we will join the class yet. It's held at Lakers Youth Centre in Goldsworth Park on Wednesday from 9.30 for 45 minutes. 34.30 pounds for a 7-week long course. Plus a year membership fee for 20 pounds including insurance. According to the Tumble Tots web site, there is apparently a class in Japan but it seems to be really expensive!

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