Friday 8 September 2006

37W3D 赤ちゃんの名前 Baby's name



We picked 'Arata' in the early stage but we haven't come up with a nice name for his brother yet. As 'Arata' is chosen from an old Chinese phrase, I have tried to browse through an encyclopedia. I have found a couple of good Chinese characters but none of them have any attractive sound (pronunciation) for me. So I will most probably decide with the name 'Takara', meaning 'treasure'. Of course I have some reasons for the name. One of them is I want to choose a name with 'A' in each Japanese character as same as 'Arata'!

Well, this time, we are going to give an English name as baby's first name and use the Japanese name as his middle name. It's because it would be a bit tongue twisting to pronounce 'Takara Rumney', and also, when we named Arata, we agreed that we will give our second child an English name. Jason has been thinking about a nice name at the moment. In any case, in Japanese registration, we will only use his Japanese name plus my family name only , 'Nakazato Takara', as we did to Arata.

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