Thursday 28 September 2006

1Y9M 40W2D 検診 Check-up



数日前から喉痛と咳で苦しい。母もアラタも風邪を引いているし、この調子で赤ちゃんが産まれたら、すぐに移ったりしないのかしら?今日は、Jasonと第二子出産前最後のデート。夕飯以降、母にアラタを任せて、West Byfleetのイタリアンへ行った。普段はアラタが寝付くと、お互い自分のノートパソコンを膝に乗せてパチパチやりだすので、会話する暇なし。だからペンディング案件を一気につぶすいい機会、ってなんてアンロマンティック!

St Peter's Hospitalで産婦人科医の検診。

These are the photos during the ultra sound check-up about 20 weeks of pregnancy. The photo to the right is Arata and the left is his brother. Even from this photo, we can see Arata's got quite flat forehead and nose, typical Japanese feature. And I think Arata's brother has more cocasian looking because he has a round head and pointing nose! We will soon find it out!

I've got a cold, coughing and sore throat. Arata and my mum also have a cold. I don't want our baby to catch a cold just after he is born. Could I avoid it?

Jason and I had our 'last' night out together before the baby comes out. We went to an Italian restaurant in West Byfleet. We usually just sit in the lounge with our PCs after Arata goes to bed and don't have much conversation. So it was quite a good chance to sort out all the pending family issues. What an unromantic date it was!

I went to a check-up with a doctor at St Peter's Hospital.
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