Friday 29 September 2006

1Y9M 40W3D 違うよ! NO!!!





I felt so uncomfortable last night and couldn't sleep properly. I thought it was going to happen.... I felt better this morning and we spent a quite busy day going to Kindermusik and Josie's house. I still have a bit of funny feeling around my bump. Well, I rather prefer to have a c-section on Monday. Please don't come out!

Arata often points at an object and says, 'Nani? (What is it?)' Or he keeps showing the same object to each adult for the name, in order to confirm the name of the object. Arata probably understands some words in both English and Japanese, but he usually says only one of them.

And it's quite funny to see how staborn he is. When Naomi was saying, 'Jidosha ('car' in Japanese)' pointing at a photo of a car, Arata insisted it was a 'car'. Neither of them gave in and they kept fighting for a while saying, "Jidosha!", "Car!", "Jidosha!", "Car!".... In this photo, Arata insisted one of the photos was a 'lorry' and not a 'bus' as I said.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yet he's still enjoying in the womb? Hope everything is be ok when it happens, Chizu.

Arata will have to deal with a new born especially mentally. Second one can easily get attention which may not make him happy. Sometimes older one would attempt to get the attention by doing silimar behavior to the baby does - and this is be the sign that you would be giving your attention more to another. But as long as you are giving attentions to him equally, it should be ok (although the older may need more to always want to be the best!).

Personally I've found it's difficult to do this equally when the second one was born as a bady needs more help all'n all. So one for Arata, one for a new baby would be nice touch to start. :-)

It must be exciting, what kind of personality he's got, what kind of face he's got.... like your face or Jason's? DNA will surely do the job.

Take care!>

Anonymous said...