Monday 18 December 2006

1Y11M 11W1D 腹ばい On his tummy







Takara's neck has been strong since he was born. Compared to Arata when he was about the same weeks, Takara has much stronger muscles. Arata hated to lie on his tummy until quite late but Takara finds it no problem! He may start to roll over much earlier than Arata did. Well, it will be good and bad news because it's much easier for me if he just lies down in the cot and doesn't move much!!

This photo was taken when Arata was about 12 weeks old. We had to take this photo quickly otherwise he would start to cry soon.

Of course, Takara isn't like his brother. He can stay on his tummy happily.

Today was the last day for Arata before Christmas to go to nursery. He brought back lots of his works for Christmas. They are calender, Christmas card for mummy and daddy, Christmas cracker, candle stand and a small packet of present. Christmas card and calender have his hand and feet impressions on them and I believe they will be something good to remember our Christmas this year.

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