Wednesday 14 February 2007

2Y1M 19W3D ひな人形 Set of dolls for girls' day




We went to register our move back to Japan to be able to register national health insurance. I didn't know that seeing doctors for under 6 years old is now free in our city. It wasn't like this when I was child. I feel relieved because I could take Aratakara straight to any specialists in Japan and I can't wait to see how good doctors are! There happened to be a child clinic in the town hall, and Aratakara were weighed and measured. Arata was 10.5Kg, 83.8Cm tall. Takara was 6.84Kg, 65.5CM tall. They have a clinic once a month.

Aratakara then went to see Nonchan, my dad's friend, Shino's daughter. Nonchan is almost the same age as Arata. We took a photo in front of Nonchan's Hinaningyo, traditional dolls for girls' day, 3rd March. This set of dolls is handed down from her mother Shino san. It was really beautiful. I didn't even have a set of this size! Well, Rumney family will never have one because we have only boys....

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