Thursday 22 February 2007

2Y1M 20W4D 大忙し Busy busy...







I can't believe it's been only 2 weeks since we came back to Japan. I take out Aratakara nearly everyday and I feel as if we'd been living here for a long time.

Wednesday. We went to a mums' gathering in Higashi Omiya. It's organised by Shino and her friends and held in a small washitsu at a community centre. Their children are around Arata's age and Arata looked enjoying playing with them. Thursday. I took Arata to a library to have his membership card. He has borrowed a couple of books of transportation. We then went to visit Yoko-san, who we met at Sainoko.

Today, we went to

child caring support centre

at Jack Omiya building. The centre is open from 10 am to 4 pm on weekdays for children under 3 and their carers. It's free of charge and there are lots of toys and books. There are small classes for children or parents from time to time. We took Takara to their 'Song time' for under 1 today. Takara enjoyed it. After that, I asked my parents to look after Aratakara at the centre and I went to have hair cut!


Anonymous said...

Olly seems so happy in the picture! I am glad you are having a good time, we can we see your new hair cut?>

Anonymous said...

Josie, when Jason is here, I will ask him to take ma photo and I will upload it!>