Tuesday 27 February 2007

2Y2M 21W2D 大宮から東京まで新幹線 Shinkansen


成田から実家に来る時に乗って以来「アラタ しんかんせん のる~」と言い続けているアラタは、その時おばあちゃんが買ってくれた黄色い新幹線のチョロQを握ったまま毎晩眠っていた。


Since we traveled on Shinkansen on our way from Narita airport, Arata kept saying, "Arata Shinkansen Noru!. (I want to have a Shinkansen ride! )" He even goes to bed holding the miniature Shinkansen my mum bought for him.

Arata has been on Shinkansen for a couple of times this week. On Sunday, we used Shinkansen to go to see Fumie and Mana. Today, we went to see Kaori and Hibki on Shinkansen as well. It's between Omiya and Tokyo stations and we don't usually use Shinkansen for such a short distance. It's only 50 minutes on local trains and we need to pay for extra Shinkansen charge of 1050 yen (5 pounds) each way.

But I can't imagine myself traveling on slow and crowded local trains for nearly one hour with Aratakara. It takes only 30 minutes from Omiya to Tokyo on Shinkansen with more peace and comfort. And more importantly, Arata loves it!

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