Wednesday 28 February 2007

2Y2M 21W3D オリエンタルなタカラ Takara is so oriental?






When I take Arata to a park, I am always asked if he is mixed race. But when I go out only with Takara, I've never been asked this question! Usually, they only say, "His skin is fair" or "His eyes are big."

When we went to 'song time' for under 1 year old, other mums were making similar comments including, "He has a long neck!" As quite a few of them said Takara's skin is fair, I confessed he is mixed race. When Arata approached me later, they looked convinced. I know Arata looks more like Jason and Takara is like me. But when Takara is among other Japanese babies, he still looks different.

When my parents were browsing through my brother's old albums, they noticed Takara looks like my brother at the same age. The baby in the foreground is my brother. (The girl behind is like Arata?) The baby in the black and white photo is the spitting image of Takara. Well, it's me! Really confusing!!

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