Tuesday 20 March 2007

2Y2M 24W2D 親戚 Relatives


お彼岸の中日。母方の祖父母のお墓参りへ行った。「ここにひいおばあちゃんとひいおじいちゃんが眠っている」と教えると、帰宅後も「ひいおばあちゃん ねんねしてた」と言っていた。


We visited my maternal grand parents' grave. I explained Arata that his great grand parents are sleeping there. Arata later said, "Great grandma was sleeping."

We also went to see my uncle and auntie in Okegawa. We then went to have Arata's hair cut. One of my cousins, Satoshi, is running a hair dresser nearby. As usual, it was really hard for me to hold Arata while his hair was being cut. Arata kept crying, screaming and trying to escape. As soon as we went into the hair dresser, he said, "Arata is not going to have a hair cut." Satoshi must be a very good one. Arata looked so handsome as in this photo! But after taking this photo, I tried to cut a couple of hair in his front fringe, which was a bit long. And it didn't go well. Arata doesn't look as nice as he is in this photo now.... Sorry, Arata. 

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