Wednesday 21 March 2007

2Y2M 24W3D 気が付かないうちに Part2 He has already been able to... Part 2





It was just last week that I vowed to pay more attention to Takara's developments. But I missed another mile stone. Takara has become to be able to sit up without support. I was so excited to find him doing today, I called my mum to watch him. But she said, "Takara has been doing this for a couple of days. Did you not know it?" Well, no, I didn't... As Takara can sit up for a while, he can now reach Arata's toys. Arata isn't so happy because all the toys used to be "his" possession. They have already started to fight over toys, as you can see in this photo!

I've just read my weblog and found that I had been training Arata to sit up since he was about 19 weeks. He eventually mastered to sit up without support in around the same week as Takara is now. I feel as if Takara had mastered it in only a week. This is a good example that children don't need 'too much' intervention to grow up.

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