Thursday 22 March 2007

2Y2M 24W4D ダディにあいたいの I want to see Daddy


今朝のアラタの第一声は「ダディに あいに いった。」まだベッドの中だったので、ダディの夢でも見ていたのだろう。夜中のうちに90度回転しているアラタの、ごそごそと動き出した足が、隣に寝ている私の母乳で張った胸に当たる。寝起きは最高に機嫌が悪い私はちょっときつく「アラタ、痛いよ!!!」


「ダディに あいたいのー。」言葉がとても上手になったと思う。そして、ダディがいない生活もそろそろ限界かなって。

Arata's first words this morning were, "I went to see Daddy." Probably he'd been having a dream of Jason. Then Arata's feet started to bang my, who was sleeping next to him, full and sore breasts. I'm always in a very bad mood in the morning. I went, "Stop it. Very sore!!"

Arata started to cry, "Daddy, Daddy, Daaaadeeeeey!" He always calls for Jason when he is told off by me but it wasn't all this morning. Arata then said, "I want to see Daddy....." I was really impressed how much his language skill has improved. And I also felt strongly it's high time to go home...

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