Saturday 24 March 2007

2Y2M 24W6D 千客万来 Lots of visitors











It was another busy Saturday. Gian and Kadoi san, friends from University Softball team, came to see us all the way from Tokyo. Kadoi san usually lives in Lombok in Indonesia and we've happened to be in Japan at the same time! My brother also came and like on the Saturday a month ago, Aratakara busily went upstairs and downstairs to be played with us or my brother.

I also had a surprise visit by Naoko chan. I was a private tutor when she was at junior high, when I was a University student. We haven't seen each other since, even though her parents live only a minute from here. She is now a mother of 2, Iku (7 years old) and Uta (1.5 Years). She also works on part time doing acupressure with her "feet". It's unusual. She gave me a nice through massage. It was so good! While I was having a massage, Arata was playing with her 2 kids.

At about 10pm, I dropped my brother off at Toro station and went straight to

Musashino Yu hot spring (see my old blog)

to meet my softball friends from junior high. I see Hagichan often but I was lucky to be able to see Yamaya, who's been back at her mother with her 3 daughters during school holiday.

Well, my parents have had enough. My busy schedule and unplanned babysitting have made them mad. They are really angry with me.... But I want to see my friends who I don't know when or if I can see next time. I really feel I want to do lots of reunions. I don't know exactly why. Probably a sign of aging??

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