Sunday 8 April 2007

2Y3M 27W6D 運河フェスティバル Woking Canal Festival


ハッピーイースター!快晴。Basingstoke Canal(運河)沿いのバブ、Bridge BarnでWoking Canal Festival。このパブまで、運河沿いを大人の足で20分程だが、アラタは殆んど自分で歩いて行く。パブの敷地内には、ミニコンサート、バウンシーカッスル、出店など、ぎっしり詰まっていて、目の前の運河には細長いカナルボートが何艘も係留。ばったり会ったまなちゃん達とボートライドに参加。30分弱の間、アラタは意外とおとなしくボートの旅を楽しんでいた。(写真はボートの中から。)


Happy Easter! Clear sky. We went to Woking Canal Festival at Bridge Barn pub by Basingstoke Canal. It takes about 20 minutes for adults to get there by foot, along side the canal. Arata nearly walked down all. At the compound of the pub, there were a bouncy castle, stalls, live music and more. About 20 canal boats were moored at the canal in front. We joined a boat ride with Mana, Mayumi and Hugo, who we just ran into. Arata seemed to take interest in it and sat quietly with Mana and Nana.

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