Sunday 8 April 2007

2Y3M 28W0D アラタもう泣かない "Arata will not cry again"




私の目を見て、一生懸命こう言った。「アラタ もう なかない。」そして、手を差し出して、おとなしく爪切りさせてくれた。

金曜日。アラタは歯磨きも嫌いだから、仕上げ磨きは格闘になる。ところが突然、「アラタ もう なかない」と言って、じっと私に歯磨きされていた。もうちょっとで泣きそうになるのを頑張っていた。健気な姿に愛おしさを感じる。こうやって子供って成長していくのね。

Jason, Jason's mum and Arata went to Wisley garden. It was a beautiful day. Takara and I were staying at home because Takara's still got a cold.

Arata doesn't like to have his nails cut. I always have to hold him still and carefully cut them as he is trying to get away. On Wednesday, after having cut his toe nails, I gave him a break and I cut Takara's. Takara doesn't like it either but not as bad as Arata. when I finished cutting Takara's nails I said to Arata, "Oli didn't cry." This must have worked on him.

All of sudden, Arata said, "Arata will not cry again", looking into my eyes. Then he held his hands to let me cut his nails.

Arata also hates having his teeth cleaned and we always have to chase and hold him down to have it done. But on Friday, he said, "Arata will not cry again" and let me clean his teeth. It was quite impressive how hard he tried not to cry, which I could really feel. Children grow step by step like this...

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