Thursday 10 May 2007

2Y4M 32W4D 頭痛薬 Medicine for migraine





Yesterday. I took Aratakara to a play ground then went to London with them to SCS to see my colleagues. After dinner, I went to the gym to attend a 'Step' class. When I woke up this morning, I had a slight headache. Probably I did too much for one day yesterday. But still, Takara and I went to his first Kindermusik class. After lunch, we had a nap together and when we woke up it was already 5 pm, the time I had to go to pick Arata up from nursery.

Imigran is my medicine to combat migraine. During breastfeeding, we usually avoid it as the effects on babies are not known. But since Takara turned 6 months, I've started to take it again. Or I usually suffer very severe migraine and can't do anything for nearly 2 days. Of course, about once a month and only one tablet each time.

When Arata was still a baby, after I took Imigran, I expressed and discarded breast milk, gave him formula for a day. But this time I haven't done it to Takara, I keep breastfeeding him. I'm not the type of person who always looks for "organic" and I eat or drink without carefully avoiding lots of stuff, coffee or wine or junk food etc! So, my excuse is I've probably already had something bad for breastmilk anyway.

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