Wednesday 16 May 2007

2Y4M 33W3D 「マー」とうつぶせ寝 "Maaaaa" & lying on his tummy




水曜日の夜、コットの中で寝られずに泣いていたタカラをしばらくそのままにして置くと、「あーん、あーん、あーん マー マー マー」と泣き出した。よーく聞いていると「ダー ダー ダー」とか「アータ アータ」と言っていることもあるような気がする。本当に言っているのかもしれない。

Takara can now roll over to both sides. He can crawl not only backwards but forwards as well. He often tries to stand up from all four. (Of course, he can't manage to do it yet.)

Just after he'd mastered roll-over, he was a bit confused for a couple of days. From the lying down breastfeeding position, he rolled over without any proper intension. When he woke up in the middle of nap, he rolled over and couldn't go back to sleep. He had less milk and less sleep for a couple of days. Now he is fine. He knows what roll-over is for. Instead, he can now sleep on his tummy. Babies sleeping on his tummy can sleep better and Takara is no exception. He doesn't wake up as often as he was only a couple of days ago!

On Wednesday evening, Takara was crying in his cot for cuddle. We first ignored him hoping he would go back to sleep. He was first crying, "Aaaaan Aaaaan Aaaaan..." then he went "Maaaa Maaaa Maaaa..." Of course I picked him up immediately because he clearly called for me! If we listen carefully, he sometimes sounds "Daaaa Daaaa Daaaa" and "Aaaata Aaaata". Takara is calling us for sure. How amazing it is!

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