Tuesday 22 May 2007

2Y4M 34W1D ティーンエイジャー Already teenager!


ゴーガがモニカとニコルを連れて遊びに来た。昨日、「明日はモニカが遊びに来る」と言っておいたら、アラタは朝になっても「きょう モニカ くるよ」と覚えていた。「コーディーも?」と聞いていたので、川合さんち(コーディーは川合家の犬)のモニカだと思っていたようだ。ゴーガの娘のモニカとはWapping以来の友達だけど一年ぶりだから無理もない。アラタは「ちいさいモニカ」と区別することにしたようだ。


そして、帰る準備をしていると突然「アラタかえらない。」車を発進して行っちゃうふりをしても「アラタ トーマと ごはんたべる」と譲らない。ゆうこさんの、「置いていっていいよ」という言葉に思い切り甘えて、本当に置いてきました。アラタ無しで帰ってきた私達を見たJasonは「友達と一緒の方がいいなんて、ティーンエイジャーみたい。」


Goga came to visit us with Monika and Nichole. I told Arata last night that Monika is coming to see us tomorrow and he could remember this when he woke up this morning. He said, "Monika is coming today." He then asked, "Is she coming with Cody?" Cody is the dog at Kawai family. Arata thought Monika, Moto's daughter, is coming. Arata has played with Goga's daughter Monika many times but it was a year ago when we last saw them. Of course he can't remember her. Anyway, Arata has decided to remember Goga's Monika as "little Monika."

After Goga and her children went home, we popped in at Yuko. When Arata is with Thoma, he always likes to look after him. He ran to Thoma and said, "Are you alright?" when Thoma fell, or he went to rescue Thoma's bike when it was stuck in bush.

We were just about to go home, Arata suddenly said, "I'm not going home." He kept saying this and I even got into the car to show I really meant I was going without him. But he insisted he was not coming with me, saying, "Arata is going to eat dinner with Thoma." Yuko was very kind and offered me to look after Arata for a while. When I got home and explained what happened, Jason said, "Arata is like a teenager! He prefers to be with his friend."

A little bit later I rang Yuko. She said, "They are now having a bath." Jason and I burst into laughter because we didn't expect Arata was so much enjoying staying there! Arata had a dinner and a bath with Thoma, and he came back in Thoma's pyjamas. He must have had a really good time. Arata was so excited about what he's done today and he couldn't go to sleep easily.

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