Tuesday 22 May 2007

2Y4M 34W2D フォトシューティング Photo shooting





Child models gathered at Hatchlands Park for their first photo shooting! Well, all were Arata's friends. Yuko organaised a photo shooting session for her sister's web site, which sells clothes patterns. Our children got dressed with clothes made from the patterns and Yuko took their photos. Well, it was of course very difficult for Arata or Thoma to stand still and smile at camera. They kept running and running. Karen and Lilia are over 3 years old and more sensible but still kept running.... It must have been very hard work for Yuko but she took lots of nice photos, I hope.

Takara started to throw up after we came home. He didn't seem to have appetite but I fed him anyway. Then he threw up all he'd eaten on his high chair tray... After that he managed to have breast milk, but vomited all..... I hope he will be ok by tomorrow. Did he have a heat exhaustion?

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