Friday 25 May 2007

2Y4M 34W5D ママ、ノー!!! Mama, no!



アラタは、同じ年のアナベラが全然怖がらないのを見て、いい影響を受けたようだ。Jasonママに買ってもらった腕輪を付けて頑張った。足が届かない所に近付くと、私が少し支えてあげようとするのだけれども、それをアラタはとても嫌がり、「ママ、ノー、ノー!」とばたつく。こっちはひやひやしながらも、手を離すと、しっかりと一人で浮かんでいる。アラタの顔は口をぎゅっと結んで真剣だ。すごい度胸。さすが男の子。「アラタ プールで およいだ」と家に帰ってからも得意げ。

We went to the swimming pool at Woking Park with Vera's family. It was Takara's first ever swim. We knew that Takara was fine with water as he never cries when we wash his hair in the bath. Takara didn't show any fear and he was floating comfortably with daddy.

Arata must have got a good influence from Annabellie, who doesn't scare water and enjoys swimming. He was wearing arm bands, which Nana bought for him, and doing very well. When we approached the deep side of the pool, I tried to hold him but he didn't like it. He resisted hard saying, "Mama, no! No! No!" I felt scared myself but I reluctantly released my hands. Well, Arata could float without any problem! He looked very serious closing his lips tight but he managed to do it by himself. I was really impressed by his courage. After we came home, he was proudly saying, "Arata swam in the swimming pool!"

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