Wednesday 30 May 2007

2Y5M 35W3D アトピー? Atopic eczema?





Takara's got a cold from Arata. He is quite miserable with runny nose and coughs. When he woke up this morning, I was shocked to see his cheeks and eyelids were red and puffy. After searching on the net, we suspected it's nothing to do with the cold he has but some allergic reactions. The bottom of his ear lobe has been weepy and red as if it had been cut. This is one of the possible signs of atopic eczema.

The puffy bit was gone by the early afternoon and I really hope it was caused by some sort of virus. I studied lots about atopic eczema and allergy on the internet. I ate eggs, soya bean (tofu) and milk yesterday. Takara may have reacted to my breast milk....?

I took him to GP to be on the safe side. His ear drum was a bit red but not bad. The doctor said Takara's eczema may have worsen by some virus and advised me to apply some moisturiser on his face. Of course, he didn't mention about allergy or atopic eczema at all. I wish we were in Japan now so that I could take Takara to a skin specialist...

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