Friday 8 June 2007

2Y5M 36W5D オリバー Oliver







英国2006年男の子の名前ランキングは、1 ジャック 6,928, 2 モハメッド 5,991, 3 トーマス 5,921, 4 ジョシュア 5,808, 5 オリバー 5,208


Takara is recognised as 'Oliver' in everyday life.

As I wrote before, when I took him to a baby massage class, I was quite surprised to know that all the boys were 'Oliver'.

We often come across another 'Oliver' as well. We've recently found that 'Oliver' is the 5th popular boy's name in 2006. No wonder....

We were a bit running out of time to choose Takara's name. In fact, we didn't know how he would be called even after his due date. We preferred to choose not so common name. When I was pregnant with Arata, I was thinking about "Sakura" if the baby was a girl. It means cherry blossom. A bit traditional and not too wild name, considering the fact lots of Japanese parents give their children a name we can't even read. But surprisingly, "Sakura" was the number 1 in the girls name ranking in 2004!

I wonder why lots of us choose the same name......

The most popular names for baby boys in 2006

1 Jack 6,928, 2 Muhammad (all spellings) 5,991, 3 Thomas 5,921, 4 Joshua 5,808, 5 Oliver 5,208, 6 Harry 5,006, 7 James 4,783, 8 William 4,327, 9 Samuel 4,320, 10 Daniel 4,303, 11 Charlie 4,178, 12 Benjamin 3,778, 13 Joseph 3,755, 14 Callum 3,517, 15 George 3,386, 16 Jake 3,353, 17 Alfie 3,194, 18 Luke 3,108,19 Matthew 3,043, 20 Ethan 3,020

(From this article.)


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 どの国もランキングがあるんだね。 日本だと「拓」「海」がはいっている名前が人気あるみたい。 女の子は「花」かな?>

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