Wednesday 20 June 2007

2Y5M 38W2D 8ヶ月検診 8 month check-up







Takara's 8 month check-up with health visitor. He was tested if he could pass a small block from his left hand to the right. I was asked a couple of questions, whether he could pull himself up or crawl or clap hands etc. Then she gave us a BOOKSATRT bag with a couple of books.

I was told to proceed further on weaning, 3 meals a day with more lumpy food. I was planning more carefully when Arata was weaning but I have no time to think about it now. Takara still eats only twice a day and I still give him lots of pureed food.

(Arata was already eating baby pasta at 36 weeks!)

He can eat family food, and we can also introduce some finger food for him to eat by himself.

She told me that breast fed babies can go straight from breast to cup, without experiencing bottles or beakers. Cups can be introduced at 6 months old. She gave us this purple cup.

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