Monday 2 July 2007

2Y6M 40W1D 工作 Getting messy





絵の具がついたままの手がいやなアラタは、「ママ、あらってー」とうるさい。その手でやたらと周りを触って汚さないのもナーサリー仕込み?アナベラが絵の具が付いたままの手でおもちゃを触っているのを怪訝そうに見て、「アナベラ おてて べたべた。」ちょっと神経質かしら。


We went to Vera's. Arata and Annabellie did painting, hand painting and photo frame making. I've never played with Arata with paint or scissors or glue because I hate cleaning the mess after that. Vera does painting as her hobby may be one of the reasons. But the main point is that she loves playing with children much much more than I do. 'Lucky' Annabellie seems to have lots of chances to play with mummy with messy and crafty things.

Arata does paintings at nursery and he seemed to know how to do it. This sort of play is very important for children of Arata's age. I think it's one of the advantages of going to nursery that he can have experiences like that, which he wouldn't have if he only stayed at home.

Arata didn't like his hands covered with paint. He insisted I should clean them. In a way, it was good as he didn't touch anything with his messy hands. (Is it also something he's learnt from nursery?) But a bit over sensitive? When he saw Annabellie touching a toy with her hands covered with paint, Arata looked a bit annoyed and said, "Annabellie otete beta beta. (Annabellie's hands are sticky.)"

Takara also tried hand painting, hand impression with paint. As you can expect, he tried to taste his hands and his mouth also got green.

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