Friday 13 July 2007

2Y6M 41W5D ロッキーホラーショー Rocky Horror Show


ちびっ子三人組・・・の母親達でWoking、Victoria Theatreのロッキーホラーショー(RHS)へ。








The mothers of these boys went out together to see Rocky Horror Show (RHS) at Victoria Theatre in Woking.

RHS is the show we participate by dressing up, dancing, singing.... I have never dressed up for it before but I really felt I will have to do it next time.

Well, more than half the audience today dressed up.

(Like this!)

I even felt out of place without proper dress code! I'm sure the audience in Woking enjoy the show more than those who are at RHS in London. Is it because we are all local and it's easy to come out in kinky clothes?

It may probably because we went to the very last show in Woking. When the cast came out to thank us at the end of the show, even Richard O'Brien, who is the creator of RHS, appeared on stage!

The theatre is only 5 minutes walk from our flat. Woking has gained another point from me as a good place to settle down!

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