Saturday 4 August 2007

2Y7M 44W5D バージニアウオーターレイク Virginia Water Lake





In the last couple of weeks, we've been to have a picnic on farm or in open spaces, or have lunch at a pub with big garden. But consciously or unconsciously, because of the foot and mouth disease outbreak yesterday, we avoided our usual places and went to Virginia Water Lake. (Woking is a part of the surveillance zone and we saw a TV or newspaper helicopter hovering near our flat.)

It's only 20 minutes by car. As the weather was so good today, lots of people were out. Arata liked picnic and when we are outside, he eats very well. He finished 2 pieces of rice balls saying, "I will grow big like daddy!" When he goes to picnic with his friends, they keep playing without stopping, which always amazes me how well they can play without any toys! But he must have been a bit bored today. He fell asleep in the buggy, which is very very unusual!

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