Saturday 1 December 2007

2Y11M 1Y2M 懸賞に当たったよ! Won a DVD!



『In the night garden』




『In the night garden』(1.99ポンドで3週間毎に発行)



Arata loves

'In the night garden'.

It's just a sophisticated version, more CG, of Teletubbies for me. The characters look simple and I understand children like simple looking big eyed characters. I can't say they are cute from my point of view. Anyway, the names of characters are very strange and I can't learn them at all, while not only Arata but Takara has also started to like it!

The program is on TV just before 7 pm, British children's (I must say it's not Japanese children's!) bed time, and its theme music is soothing and nice. I wonder where I can get a ring tone, though.

There is a magazine for this program as well. It's also called

'In the night garden' (every 3 weeks, 1.99 pounds)

and they give us more stickers than other similar magazines (lots of TV characters have similar magazines), which suits sticker-book lover Arata. I buy these magazines when I go to a cafe with Arata while Takara is having a nap in his buggy. When Arata concentrates on putting stickers on pages, he sits at the table quietly and doesn't move around. I can have a coffee peacefully. Of course, Arata and I can enjoy our time nicely together.

Arata's photo is in the current issue as a 'garden fan'. This means we won a DVD!! A couple of weeks ago, I sent his photo hoping to win their DVD, if a child's photo appears on the magazine, they will send a DVD. When Arata found his photo, he said, "Arata is here!"


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