Saturday 12 January 2008

3Y0M 1Y3M 疲れた~ So tired!





We stayed in a Ryokan, Japanese style inn, in front of Narita shrine, one day before coming back to the U.K. During our stay in Japan, we didn't have time to go to hot spring and we were all going to stay in Ryokan with big bathes for the very last night. But after Aratakara and Jason, my dad came down with flu and my parents had to cancel it.

To Amsterdam, where we did transit, Arata only slept in the last 30 minutes. It was about 12 hour flight and that means he was up until about midnight in Japanese time. Well, Arata played with a couple of sticker books and behaved well. On the contrary, Takara was really a problem for me. Except for his nap, he kept walking in the airplane, making noises especially when he bumped into another 1 year old boy who was also walking around. We mothers kept saying "sorry" to everyone who seemed to be annoyed with the noisy little toddlers.

In Amsterdam, we had 3 hours before catching the flight back to London. It was already after midnight Japan time but Aratakara were really active and as soon as we got on board, they, and me as well, crashed out. When we got home after 8 pm, it was already dawn in Japan... On the following day, I went back to work and kids were back to nursery. In the first week, Jason and I went to bed with children, although we didn't intend to do so, though.


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