Friday 23 May 2008

3Y4M 1Y7M マイペース At his own pace






Arata can now pedal a bike properly. He couldn't do it in the round motion and he was just pushing the pedals backwards and forwards, till only a few days ago. Today, I just saw him cycling properly in our balcony and I of course congratulated him! Well, Thoma or Mats started to do it before they turned 2, and Arata is not at all one of the athletic kids.

Anyway, as Arata can now go fast, Jason bought a helmet for him. There were lots of helmets with characters like Spiderman, but Arata chose a froggy one. He showed me the helmet when he came home and said proudly, "Look!, it has eyes!"

On Monday, Jason took Arata to St Peter's for the follow-up of his poor weight gain problem. He weighed nearly 13Kg then and as he's been gaining gradually, he was discharged. But the doctor is now concerned about his height. Arata was at around the average but now he is much below. The doctor told Jason that we should take him to child clinic in 6 months time and get him weighed and talk to a health visitor.

The same as his physical development like peddling, or his taste of helmet, his growth is also taking his own pace and we don't worry too much at the moment, though.

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