Friday 21 November 2008

3Y10M 2Y1M マングリッシュ Manglish

アラタは月曜日からナニア幼稚園(Taska Nania)の英語クラスに通い始めた。現時点で日本語クラスは一杯だが、空きができたら編入可能。






Arata started to go to the Kindergarten, Taska Nania on Monday. He's joined the English class as Japanese class is full but he may be able to be transferred to the Japanese class later.

When we arrived at the kindergarten, a couple of children came and led him to the English classroom. Some were trying to hold his hands to take him there. I was asked to stay in the premises just in case, but as Arata is used to nursery it was no problem. I went home soon after. When he came home in the school van after 3 PM, he said, "I had fun." One of the girls in the van saw me and said, "Is Arata Japanese?"

On Tuesday morning, he didn't go to kindergarten and it was difficult to take him to the pick up point, the front gate of our flat, but by the time van arrived, he was fine. Just after he left, the principal and one of the teachers, Junko, phoned me to say I could come with him in the van. I said, "Oh, he was fine and already on his way in the van." A girl who was picked up at the next stop was holding his hand all the way, I learnt later.

On Wednesday, he resisted harder in the morning. When he saw the van and the door was opened, he started to cry. I had to push him in. He was fine once he arrived at the kindergarten, his main teacher told me later.

On Thursday and Friday. Always he says he doesn't want to go. But he must have given in. He didn't cry and got on the van.

He's already picked up some Malaysian English, aka Manglish. He said, "In Malay, 'towel' is 'Tawa'." I asked him what it is in English, just to double-check. His reply was "Towel" with British accent. Well, Arata, it's not Malay but English with Malaysian accent...

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