Thursday 4 December 2008

3Y11M 2Y2M 幼稚園の誕生会 Birthday party at Nania







Arata's 4th birthday party was held at his kindergarten.

As he was born during holiday season, he's never had a proper party with friends or at nursery. It was his first experience that his friends all celebrate his birthday for him.

It was very interesting. I'm not sure if it is very Steiner. Children prepared everything. They helped cake making, then went out to pick up flowers they like to decorate birthday boy's table. Of course, children do all the table settings and do dishes after they eat.

Usually, the party is held on the actual birthday but those whose birthday falls on holiday, they put the date forwards. Parents are invited and Jason was there as well.

After having cake, which was delicious chocolate cake - children have a choice between chocolate and orange cakes, we went back to the class room and the teacher told Arata's story of his life. He was born 2 days after Christmas in London..... he had his 1st birthday in NZ. She then put on a candle. She continued..... Arata had his 2nd birthday in England, then another candle was lit and story continued.... We had given her the main episodes of each year of Arata's life but teacher Nora told his story to children nicely.(I attached the story we gave in advance at the end of this posting for a record.)

Children sang Happy Birthday in both English and Chinese. Arata and the teacher put off the candles together, then he gave a cuddle to each child one by one. This is how 2 hours party went on.


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