Wednesday 17 December 2008

3Y11M 2Y2M クリスマスフェスティバル Christmas festival




We went to the Christmas Festival at Arata's kindergarten. Because the Takara's kindergarten also had a party on the same day, I had to let Takara skip it and bring him with me to Arata's one. That's why I could not watch most of the festival as I had to take him out to play with him, he didn't of course sit still.

Children sang songs in Japanese, English and Chinese, they had biscuits they made the day before and received a nice crafty present from their teachers. We got a card made with our children's painting and photo, with comment from the main teacher about how Arata is doing at kindergarten.

The photos are; Takara giving a leaf to a rabbit in the garden, drawing by Arata 'daddy, mummy and oliver' and the photo which is attached to the card from kindergarten.

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