Sunday 8 March 2009

4Y2M 2Y4M Women's Centre for Change Penang

International Women's Day(国際女性デー)。私が週に一回程ボランティアで行っているWCC 「ウイメンズ・センター・フォー・チェンジ」 (Women's Centre for Change Penang 暴力、性暴力に遭った女性のカウンセリングやシェルター、子供や女性への暴力の撲滅を目指すNGOの団体)のブースをガーニープラザに出店したので少しだけお手伝いに行った。


International Womens's day. I went to help the booth of WCC (Women's Centre for change Penang) in Gurney Plaza for a couple of hours.

WCC is a NGO in Penang helping women suffered from domestic and sexual violence and they work hard to eliminate violences against women and children. I go to WCC about once a week to do some volunteer work, mainly helping their office work.

I was quite amazed to see there were over 10 NGOs working on the similar objectives. In Japan it's still very bad but in Malaysia, it seems that DV or sexual violences against women and children rarely come out. WCC also work on Outreach project, in which they go to schools to teach children to make aware of what is good and what is not good. Very interesting.

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