Tuesday 18 August 2009

4Y7M 2Y10M おむつとおっぱい Nappy and breasts






In this photo, Takara had just fought with Arata. Jason is away to the U.K. on business. If it had been half a year ago, I would have really felt depressed. But now Takara listens to me better and I am kind of looking forward to the next 2 weeks.

Last weekend, Takara went out with his pants for the first time. He had an accident but it was just pee and over all it was fine. Since we were running out of nappies on Monday, I tried sending Takara to kindergarten without nappy. To my surprise, he was absolutely fine. He went to the toilet without even being asked.

When Arata was on potty training, I started too early in order to really 'train' him. He had so many accidents. His pants with some poo still attached were often returned in a plastic bag from his nursery. Even at home, he sometimes pooed on the carpet! When I look back, I feel sorry for him because I gave Arata hard time unnecessarily. And my impression on potty training has been just tiring and stressful.

But this time, it's so easy. Because Takara is more or less out of nappy now. I can say that his potty training finished on the day he switched nappies to pants. I've learnt from my two experiences that potty training is so stress free if mother knows the right timing.

Yet, Takara still has another major baby problem. He isn't off my breasts! I stopped feeding after he turned 2, which was already longer than I planned, but in the beginning of this year, I just let him do and that's it. Now, he comes to my breasts whenever he gets bored, to kill time, as there is no milk any more. Nearly. 3 year old 'baby' can even request my left breast saying, "I want to have mummy's bigger breast."

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