Sunday 25 April 2010

5Y3M 3Y6M バタワースからバンコクまで To Bangkok from Butterworth

モニカがバンコクへ旅立った。たった104RM(20GBP, 3000JPY)だが、列車で21時間の旅。




Monika has left for Bangkok by train. It's only 104RM (20GBP) but it takes 21 hours.

It's second class sleeper. (Interestingly, it's1996 Daewoo made!) There are 2 sets of box seats on the both side of the aisle. Each box has 2 seats facing to each other. There is a folded bed over the 2 seats. When sleeping, the 2 seats are pulled together to make the lower bed, and the upper bed is unfolded above.

Monika's ticket said her seat was on the coach number 10. But we found only 2 coaches. Just before the train departed, a diesel engine was attached to the carriages. I wonder if there are more coaches attached on the way to Bangkok? There was no buffet car when from Butterworth, which made me a bit worried.

My night train experiences in Asia were SIN-KL and Hanoi-Hue, both were more than 15 years ago. In Vietnam, we were served school dinner type meals. She was equipped with 2 balls of onigiris, rice balls, and I hope Monkia will not feel hungry on her way.

Bangkok is not safe at the moment. I now have very maternal feelings. I hope she will have safe travel during the rest of her adventure, which will be for another 2 months.

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