Wednesday 5 May 2010

5Y4M 3Y7M 子供の日 Boys' day




I keep forgetting that it's in the golden week at the moment and today is the Kodomono hi (boys' day) in Japan. Anyway, at Aratakara's kindergarten, they celebrated the boys day today. They made origami koinobori, carp, and a kabuto, samurai helmet, out of old news paper. (Arata made 6 carp. They represent Granddad, Grandma, Daddy, Mummy, Arata and Takara.

We have managed taken out to display kabuto and koinobori, in the last minute. Last year, we couldn't do it as it took 9 months to arrive our boxes, one of them contained kabuto and koinobori, from England!

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