Sunday 2 May 2010

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Jason and I haven't been feeling well for a week. We've got a terrible cold. As usual, I've taken too much medicine to ease my headaches and I've felt dizzy for a couple of days.

Yesterday, Takara came to talk to me when I was lying down in the bed. He said, "I want to take out the training wheels of my bike." Again.... he wants to take them off and next moment he wants to put them back... I was anyway too tired to get up and said, "Ask Daddy."

I then fell asleep and I was woken up when they came back from their bike rides. Jason said, "Oli doesn't need the training wheels any more."

Wow. What made him so determined this time??

I've still got a headache today but I went down to see Takara riding on his small bike. He still needs our help to start up but he can cycle comfortably. The bike he is using used to be Arata's first bike and the tyres are very small, like the ones used in Phil and Ted double buggies. So Takara has to cycle very quickly and it looks as if he was on a unicycle!

The second child is always lucky. He has been watching everything his elder brother is doing and he learns things quickly.

Today Arata was riding very fast and much better as well. Takara's given him a good influence as well.


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