Saturday 23 October 2010

5Y10M 4Y0M けんころみすか Kencoromisca







Konkei (= ice cream), Kokobaaba (sweets and snacks) are the words Takara used to use for a while, and Arata also started to use. We are still not sure where they were from, from English or Japanese words? But Takara no longer uses them.

Incidentally, Aratakara have started to say "Kencoromisca." I hadn't really care what it meant, and I thought it was just one of the characters from super hero stories. But when I heard Arata saying to Takara on his birthday, "I wanted to buy a Kencoromisca for your birthday, but I forgot to do that. I will get one for you for Christmas," I thought what they were talking about?

A few days later, when we were on our way to Gurney Plaza, Aratakara shouted excitingly, "Kencoromisca!"

When I looked back, there was a concrete mixer driving past.

This is a photo taken in 1988 in Singapore. It's so long time ago! (I haven't taken any photos of boys to upload here in the last week...)

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