Sunday 17 October 2010

5Y9M 4Y0M お星さまになっちゃった He's become a star





It was just last week. Takara said, "Teacher Junko told us her father had become a star, it's so funny, we can't become a star, can we, mummy?" He was really giggling when he was telling me this.

Takara was saying the same line just now. It must have been so fascinating for him to think how human being can be transformed to a star. But today, Arata was listening to him and said, "When we die, we become a star." Takara was so happy to get to know the clue. He said, "I see, I didn't know that" smilingly.

Both theories are very sweet with dreams and fantasy. However, Arata's story contains a bit more reality. It's interesting to know how children's fantasy changes as they grow. The story they believe depends on how much they can convince themselves logically for their age.

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