Friday 29 October 2010

5Y10M 4Y0M 今学期 This term




Having giving up doing any sort of studies which need my brain, I've decided to do Physical exercise and music for the rest of this term.

First of all, I joined a gym just across the flat last Monday. Clark Hatch was quite expensive gym with a crecch in the UK. But the one in Penang is for women only. Most of my friends go to the other gym, which is also around the corner, but I just want to do exercise, not socialising, and I decided to choose CH.

I've also signed up for a drumming course. I haven't even played the piano. But if I'm asked what musical instrument I want to learn, my immediate answer is drum. In Penang, learning music is usually from a tutor and one to one and I came across the same problem again. There are plenty of Piano instructors who intend to teach during day, but for drumming, they are usually only available at the weekend or in the evening. I've asked around, and luckily found one who can do early evening on Monday. I'll have to leave boys with Christine but I'll start from next week, I'm very looking forward to it.

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