Friday 15 October 2010

5Y9M 4Y0M やんない Don't want to do







At Nania's harvest festival. Arata was performing very well. In this photo, 3 boys standing to his right are all from the oldest children's group. They are so big! Especially the 2 standing far right were born in January and nearly a year older than Arata. Arata is still about their shoulder height.

Takara didn't participate at all. There were a few kids from the youngest group who didn't take part in. But they did when they were taken by a teacher or other friends. Whoever tried to get him in, Takara didn't join the other children.

In the end, Teacher Junko said, "Oliver, let's do it with your mummy," while other children were standing in circle waiting for him. I had to go to persuade him. I tried a bit but he still shook his head, so I left. He in the end decided to lie down on the floor. (Takara is lying on the floor in the second photo.)

After these performances, we watched a puppet show by the teachers. Takara didn't even bother to sit on one of the chairs but he sat on the floor next to the stage, where everybody could see him doing different from other kids. Since all the teachers were busy, he wasn't taken away and kept watching the show till the end sitting there.

Is he going to be more cooperative in the future...?


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