Sunday 28 November 2010

5Y11M 4Y1M もう5才? Already 5 years old?






Jason has joined a Japanese softball team, for which a couple of his friends are playing. My parents sent him a good brand-new left-handed glove. We can't find any left-handed in Penang as softball is not so common.

They had a big tournament. Personally, it's crazy to play softball in such hot weather. But there were so many teams, and I was so impressed, although these crazy people are more or less all Japanese!

To be honest, I'm not interested in just watching games. I would rather play. And I was reluctant to go to support Jason's team with other wives. But I openly told them about my opinion. I was so silly. Of course, I should have known that it's not a good idea to make such a comment, we are living in a small Japanese community. They would think I'm such a bastard.

So I decided to go anyway.

Well, but, once I saw them practising before a match, I changed my mind. It was still fun. Some of them were quite good and they all tried hard to win the game. Yes, softball is always fun. If it wasn't so hot, I would love to play too. Jason played well too.

In the evening, all the families of Jason's team went to dinner. During the party, we celebrated birthdays between October and December. Aratakara were both called to the front. Interestingly, after the happy birthday singing, and blowing candles, Takara looked a bit puzzled. He said, "Am I already 5?"

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