Wednesday 21 September 2011

6Y8M 4Y11M ペナンの医療(1) Doctors in Penang (1)






3年も住んでいると、在馬外国人が行く病院はほぼ網羅した。私の印象は、Gleaneaglesはいつどの科に行っても待ち時間が多い。Islandは入院をやたらと勧める。Loh Guan Lyeは新築で綺麗だけど高い。ということで、病院ならAdventistに今のところ落ち着いている。

特に小児科のコー先生(Dr Khaw)は、とても穏やかな医者で、親への説明も丁寧でわかり易く、こちらの質問にも親身に対応してくれるので気に入っている。


On Thursday, when I was still in Russia, Taska Nania rang Jason because Takara wasn't well. Jason happened to be in the town centre as I'd forgotten to order lunch for Arata and he went out to deliver a lunch box for him. Jason went to pick up Takara, waited till Susi came in, then off to work again. This is another episode when I was in Russia....

Takara was ok by Sunday, and he went to kindergarten on Monday, but I had to go to pick him up before lunch as his temperature went up and his coughs got worse. He didn't get better on the following day, especially his coughs. He has a history of asthma, and I decided to take him to a doctor.

I've preferred local clinics as they are much quicker, because they don't have separate pharmacy or cashier, and usually about 20 % less expensive. But it was just after a bad experience from one of the clinics, I decided to go to a hospital.

While living in Penang for 3 years, I've been to most of the majour hospitals. My impressions are: Gleaneagles - waiting time is always long, Island hospital - they always suggest us to be hospitalised, Loh Guan Lye - new and clean but very expensive. At the moment, my favourite one is Adventist.

I particularly like a paediatrician Dr Khaw. He is very gentle. His explanations to the parents are very logical and clear, he listens and answers to our silly questions. Dr Khaw said Takara's lungs sounded wet, and if it'd been caused by a viral infection, the symptoms will get better after 2 or 3 days. He must have had a secondary bacterial infection. He then prescribed some antibiotics and cough remedy.

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