Tuesday 20 September 2011

6Y8M 4Y11M ナンバープレート Number plates



ところが、Tanjung Tokongのタイヤ屋の店先でお兄ちゃんがあっという間に作ってくれるという、Judyからの耳寄り情報。



The front plate had a crack, the back was broken into 2 pieces. I still kept driving with them because I thought I had to go to a certain authority to get replacements.

Judy happened to tell me that the 'number plate boy' next to the tyre shop in Tanjung Tokong makes plates for us.

He put my original plates onto a big black plastic sheet, then cut them out with a cutter. He then chose alphabets and numbers to attach onto the plates with glue. It only took less than 10 minutes. The front plate cost 15RM (3GBP) and the back one, which is slightly bigger, cost 20RM.

No wonder number plates break easily in Malaysia. It's probably made of cheap plastic. Probably the authorities wouldn't mind if we make own plates?

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