Saturday 17 September 2011

6Y8M 4Y11M 不思議 Spooky!









Kimi and I went to Russia for a week. Kimi had kept saying, “It’s been my long time dream to go to the Hermitage.” Jason gave me the green light if it’s not more than a week. Kimi is about the same age as my mum, I went as if I was her daughter.

Susi, our Amah, came to stay from the time Aratakara came home till Jason got back. A couple of my friends were also involved to take turn to send them schools and classes. Thanks to everyone, I could manage to do this.

It was my first time to be away from Aratakara for more than one night, I only stayed out at Rasa Sayang for a day when Kawano was here. But surprisingly, from the moment our Silkair flight took off Penang, I hadn’t looked back. I never thought of my family!

On the 4th morning in Russia, something strange and spooky happened. Out of blue, an idea of missing a lunch order for Arata just came up in my mind, while I was still asleep. I was woken up by this sudden feeling. I rubbed my eyes and tried to put my thoughts together to think if it was true. Did I miss Arata’s lunch order for today?? Yes! I did. Arata won’t have lunch today!

I must have mixed up with the dates as Friday was a public holiday. It was already at 11.30 in Penang. I didn’t even know what time the lunch starts at SCIPS. I anyway sent Jason a message, “Forgot to order lunch for Arata, please check Strada if you can still order a lunch for him to be delivered, if not, call the school to let them know.”

I knew the school provided the children who forgot to bring their lunch with instant noodles, and I didn’t have to make it such a big deal. But anyway, Jason decided to deliver food to Arata by himself.

Well, it was so strange. I didn’t remember something I’d forgotten to do. I had ordered lunch for the whole week. I only mixed the dates. Something made me realise the dates were incorrect. Very strange...

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