Saturday 17 September 2011

6Y8M 4Y11M 「さびしい」 Will miss you....








On the day I was leaving. Takara kept saying, "I love mummy, I will miss you..." He made me promise to come back after 4 nights.

Arata was in more understanding attitude. He wasn't that upset because he knew I would be back in a week.

A week later. When I rang the door bell, Jason opened the door. Arata was standing behind him and studying me. Without saying anything, he walked towards me and cuddled me quietly without showing any excitement.

Takara was in bed as he'd had a temperature. He noticed I was home, and called me. I went to his room, he cuddled me while still in bed, and he gave me a big smile.

It had been such a good week without kids in my favourite Europe. But I can't go missing leaving my lovely family!

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