Sunday 23 October 2011

6Y9M 5Y0M 静かな決勝戦 Quiet final





From early stage of the game, I could feel a big dilemma that All Blacks couldn't add only a few points. Yes, they were leading but one try and a conversion could have turned the game upside down. Psychologically, French got an advantage thorough out the match.

When French caught up by just one point in the beginning of the second half, they kept pushing forwards. Most of the audience at the stadium were surely All Blacks supporters, but they had no chance to roar with excitement. The stand looked quiet.

I was almost prepared to lose the game. Only one point ahead, most of the time on French side. One penalty could have ended New Zealand. One thing, All Blacks were very good in the sense they didn't give away penalties easily. It's so easy to let it happen. But probably that's their strength. They carefully managed to hold themselves.

I'm delighted but I'm rather tired now...

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